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Videos. VHS tapes. No warranty offered, but we can view up to 5 minutes prior to shipping.

The Video Computer Primer - Promedia1 ©1982 Business Development Partners. This video demonstrates what a TRS-80, Atari, Apple II and other personal computers can do. $25.00

Apple Presents the Personal Computer: The Apple IIc and IIe. 9:03 min. $18.00

Enhancing AppleWorks. Randy Brandt and Dan Verkade, developers of AppleWorks 4.0. 30 min. $30.00.

John Sculley President, Apple Computer Inc. "Statement of Direction" June 26, 1985 - $29.00

Apple Computer Movie Tone News June 12, 1989. 4 minutes. $9.00

Macintosh Networking. 1989. Extending Your Reach. How to Enhance Your Information Systems. 25 min. $18.00

Personal Best.; 2/2 Weeks. 15 min. 1989. $15.00

Lotus 1-2-3 for Macintosh. The 1-2-3 spreadsheet program designed exclusively for Macintosh. $15.00

Macintosh IIci INTRODUCTION September 1989 - $15.00

Welcome to Macintosh. The Experience of using Macintosh. In the words of people who do. 1989. $15.00

MacAcademy. The Video Training Series. PageMaker Version 4.0 Tape 1. 1991. $15.00

User Group Store where members shop. Introductory Video. August 1995 - $9.00

Adobe Photoshop sales demonstration. Using Adobe Photoshop 2.5 to .... 1993. 24 min. $19.00

Macintosh or Windows - Spring 1996. Aprox 25 minutes. ©1996 Apple Computer. $10.00

Applications - Apple Macintosh Competitive Series - ©1991 Apple. $19.00

Growth - Apple Macintosh Competitive Series - ©1991 Apple. $19.00

Networking - Apple Macintosh Competitive Series - ©1991. $19.00

Internet Technologies - March 1997. ©1997 Apple. - $12.00

Apple's Internet Strategy - CNBC airing of "Bunting's Window to the Net" Approx 21 minutes - 6/30/96 ©1996 Apple. - $12.00

Apple's Operating System Strategy - March 1997. Approx 15 minutes - ©1997 Apple. - $12.00

Apple's Technology Update. Mac OS 7.6 - January 1997. Approx 20 minutes - ©1997 Apple. - $12.00

Other Items

Sticker. Apple rainbow logo. $5.00 each.

Go figure - A Quick Look at Some Important Apple Facts. 8/96 booklet $5.00

Go figure - A Quick Look at Some Important Apple Facts. 1/97 booklet $5.00

Rare,Unusual and Collectable Software and other components for your Vintage Apple, your Retro Mac and occasionally for a PC

Software is used, out of print or one of a kind and is subject to limited availability. 30 day warranty on some software. Most titles are sold as is. No refunds or exchanges on software, books, manuals or documentation. Minimum order: $50.00 before shipping, $100.00 for international orders.

Minimum shipping: $10.00 per order for UPS ground delivery to continental US. Please contact us for exact shipping on large or international orders. Overseas orders will only be sent insured with customs form listing merchandise and price.

Orders are accepted on the phone with Visa or Mastercard. You may also send a money order or a check. Checks must clear before we ship. Call 619-225-8281 or email to order. California residents add 8.75 % sales tax.
B & R Computer Services. PO Box 7195, San Diego CA 92167 619-225-8281 e-mail at: Add our web page to your favorites and shop often.
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No Apple II or Macintosh computer is too old for us.

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