Hardware and Accessory items for Apple II, Macintosh and some Windows computers

Rare, Unusual and Collectable

Items are used, or one of a kind and is subject to limited availability. No refunds or exchanges on hardware. Computers Listed do not include RAM, hard disk drives, keyboard or mouse unless specified. Printers do not include cartridges unless specified. Contact us for price and availability.

Category Description

Card Ethernet PCI Card

CD Rom 2X CD Rom Drive-Mac

Computer Apple //+ CPU

Computer Apple //C with external power supply

Computer Apple //C+ CPU #A2S4500

Computer APPLE //E

Computer Apple //e CPU

Computer Apple IIc plus

Computer G3 Desktop, 350 mHz

Computer iMac (color is off)

Computer iMac G4 700 mHz 15" flat screen

Computer Mac 5400/180

Computer Mac 6500/250

Computer Mac 7200

Computer Mac 8500 

Computer Mac Classic

Computer Mac G3 Tower

Computer Mac G3, 266mHz, all in one; CD Rom, AV, Zip

Computer Mac G4-CASE ONLY

Computer Mac LC 550

Computer Mac Performa 467 

Computer Mac PowerBook 520 (M4880)

Computer Mac PowerPC 8600

Computer Mac PPC Performa 6214 CD

Computer Mac SE 30

Computer Mac SE M# M5011

Computer Power Computing Model Power 120T

Computer PowerBase 240 - Power Computing

Computer PowerBase Tower

Computer PowerMac 4400/200

Computer PowerMac 6100/66 with Sonnet upgrade

Computer PowerMac 7100 w/ Sonnett upgrade

Computer PowerMac 7600/120

Computer PowerMac 9500

Computer Quadra 605

Computer  Mac PB Duo

Computer  PowerMac 8500/120

Drive 3.5" floppy for A2GS

Drive 400k external MO130- empty case only

Drive 5.25 external for Apple //c

DRIVE 800k Drive mechanism

Drive Apple Disk II

Drive Apple Disk II Black by Bell and Howell

Drive Apple Disk II for Apple //

Drive Apple Duodisk 5.25

Drive Bernoulli 44+44 new in box

Drive Imation SuperDisk USB

Drive Iomega Zip 100 internal

Drive Iomega Zip 100 SCSI

Drive Iomega Zip 250

Drive Iomega Zip 250 internal

Drive Powerbook 8X CD Rom (used on PB 1400)

Drive Syquest 1.5; Model SYJet 1.5 gb

Drive Syquest 135; Model EZDrive 135

Drive Syquest EZ Flyer, 230 mb

Monitor Amdek 300

Monitor Apple //C Mono Monitor

Monitor Apple //C Monochrome with stand

Monitor Apple //GS RGB

Monitor Apple 14" not multiscan

Monitor Apple NuBus Video Card

Monitor Apple Performa Display, Model M9102 LL/D)

Monitor Apple Performa Plus 14" color mon

Monitor Apple RGB 13" for Mac

Monitor Mac 12" RGB Display

Monitor Sanyo (Apple // type)

Monitor Zenith green for Apple //

Printer Apple DMP

Printer CoStar Label Writer II

Printer CoStar Lable Writer

Printer Write Move with ps/adapt

Scanner Microtek Scanmaker V600

Rare,Unusual and Collectable Software and other components for your Vintage Apple, your Retro Mac and occasionally for a PC

 Items are sold "as is" unless otherwise specified. No refunds or exchanges. Minimum order: $50.00 before shipping.

Minimum shipping: $10.00 per order to continental US. Please contact us for exact shipping on large orders. 

Orders are accepted on the phone with Visa or Mastercard. You may also send a money order or a check. Checks must clear before we ship. Call 619-225-8281 to order. Sales tax will be charged to items sent in California.

B & R Computer Services. PO Box 7195, San Diego CA 92167 619-225-8281 e-mail at: rrbp@aol.com 
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No Apple II or Macintosh computer is too old for us.

Updated: June 2021

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