We do just about anything with Apple and Macintosh Computers. Vintage, early models - our specialty. We do repairs and consultation on the phone and in person. Disk and file conversion and recovery. We have been working with Apple computers since 1980, Macintosh since 1984.

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Hard to find Apple II & Macintosh oldies!


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FileMaker Pro 4. call for availability $179.00

FileMaker Pro 3.0 compatible with 4.0 or 4.1 - $79.00

Lisa 2 with Lisa 7/7 system and applications in working condition. Sold.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?  Apple II School edition $39.00

GEOS Operating System for Apple //e, //c & IIGS.  $49.00.

Touch of AppleSoft BASIC.  Manual only, $12.00.

Apple II Reference Manual $29.00

Macintosh TV. Limited edition - Sold.

Newton 2000 MessagePad, (generic photo) Fully loaded with keyboard and accessories. Sold.


updated May 25, 2006

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